Ninja level

At Brick It Up, the Ninja level is where the masters reside.  This tier of classes consists of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced LEGO® students.  In this level, we cover more advanced educational concepts from the STEM teaching focus, and therefore use a breadth of materials during these classes.  

Students in this level (see example classes at left) will utilize electronics for video creation, simple and complex motors/gears for motorized machines, computers for programming of interactive robots, and more.  The possibilities are nearly endless here as the students expand from the concepts covered in the previous levels and learn how to incorporate the advanced pieces and electronics into their own building.  

Ninja level students are also expected to be able to teach and gain insight into their own creative and constructive processes, and will also work on their presentation skills of their discoveries and creations to the class and even parents!

Enrollment in some of these classes may have a prerequisite or qualification, as this part of the curriculum really builds of the knowledge obtained in earlier classes.  The schedule will always list any prerequisite or requirement.

Take a look at our class listing page for information on upcoming classes!

example Ninja Classes

​We are able to cover a wide array of fun, educational topics with our Ninja class material. Some well-received examples of our previous classes include:

​ - Intro to Technic 101
- Motors and Gears
- Monster Trucks
- Amusement Parks
- Castles and Medieval Weapons
- LEGO® Biology
- Storytime (video creation - youtube videos!!)

 - Intro to Robots

 - Robots, Robots, Robots

 - Advanced LEGO® set design