Check out our Facebook feed & calendar page for last minute bonus Open Access Play sessions!  New listings each Wednesday! 

What is open Access?

Brick It Up hosts Open Access playtime several times per week (see calendar or even email us for more information).  During this time, your children will have open access to our entire facility, with their play guided only by their imagination.  

Unlike other LEGO® related facilities, parents are always free during our Open Access Play. In addition, the children who are too young to play but are accompanying the family are also free! 

Open Access Play is $10 per child for 2 full hours of educational fun, with each additional sibling thereafter $8.  No preregistration is needed for Open Access Play - just show up and have fun!  If you are looking to save some money, the VIP Punch card can be used to save up to 25% off your visit - just take a look!  

Make sure you check out our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for up-to-date information on themes, schedules, and even a discount from time to time!  

Open Access Play

​We have over a half ton of loose LEGO® bricks for unstructured model building in addition to other activities.

​Some other highlights of Brick It Up include:
​ - LEGO® Building Stations
- Duplo® Blocks - great for big buildings
- Giant Blocks - great for building and knocking over
- Brick It Up Raceway - time your car to see if it's the worlds' fastest!
- Minifigure Factory - build and buy your own minifigures!
- LEGO® sets with instructions
- You can even build on our walls!!!

 - We will have varied themes during special Open Access events - see the calendar for more details.