VIP Cards

The VIP Punch Cards are designed to save you and your family some hard-earned money during our Open Access Play.  The cards come in two punch denominations for your convenience.  

So, how do they work?  Bring in your VIP card, receive one punch for each child attending Open Access Play, and relax, knowing you saved 25% or more on your visit!  

In addition, the VIP Punch Cards allow you to save an additional 5% off any of our classes, camps, parties, and any other activities.  There are also various special VIP access times, priority enrollment benefits, and special prizes/contests throughout the year for VIP members.  Click below to go to the store to purchase your card, or ask when visiting our store!

VIP benefits

You too, can carry this prestigious card in your wallet or purse, becoming the envy of friends, neighbors, and the general public.

This card can easily pay for itself with the savings from the Open Access Play alone, but when utilized for savings on our other activities, the true power of the card is recognized.

​The base price for the 10 punch card is $75, while the 20 punch card is $130. This is a savings of 25% or more off our normal prices!