AWARD-winning Customized, hands-on fun!

Brick It Up provides a opportunity to learn, bond with friends and family, and have fun!  

Have an idea?  Just ask for what you need, and we can help you create some masterpieces!

If you are having a home-based party, and would like to discuss how we can help, please use the contact page to send a message and see if we can help provide direction or materials to create an AWESOME party!

With over 600 successful parties at our facility, we have plenty of experience crafting a fun time!

Due to ongoing inability to provide social distancing and provide a safe environment, we have elected to close our facility and continue on in a virtual-only manner.  

We will continue to work with schools, homeschoolers,  groups, churches, and businesses for all things LEGO related, and thank those groups that continue to use us for LEGO-based education!

We are happy to announce continued LEGO based education with our friends at OVA for the upcoming semester.  We have revamped our offerings, with 100% new builds, helpful videos for the builds, and all new topics to delve into!

The students won't even realize how much they are learning with all the fun they'll be having!

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COVID-19: Brick it up going virtual

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