Returning this semester: LEGO Engineering Kits!  

We will have required engineering kits to use for the semester, and this will provide you all the pieces you need to complete our building fun each and every week.  

We will charge a $40 deposit for the engineering kit, which includes the case, plenty of basic and advanced LEGO, a LEGO motor, and LEGO battery pack.  If registering several family members, you can place deposits for one kit each, or one to share.  Kits will be available for pickup prior to class starting.

Click here or on the button below to place your deposit

Back this semester: LEGO building videos from Brick It Up! 

We have put together an entire set of LEGO videos for each of our builds to help you with any difficult sections or if you just want to see how we build these awesome things!

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brick it up and Oxford virtual academy 2021-22

2021-22 Class info


LEGO® Engineers

  • All-new this semester: All new education, weekly themes, and builds
  • Returning this semester: LEGO Engineering Kits and LEGO/Brick It Up videos
  • Students will be working this semester in a virtual fashion, utilizing our engineering kits
  • Our sessions will be held online-only, with instruction of STEAM principles with LEGO computer-based design; this will be augmented with any LEGO or other materials available at home.  
  • Each week's session(s) can be completed on your schedule, and interwoven with other education.
  • Weekly classes will include at-home real-life LEGO® design homework 
  • Your student will use our big LEGO Engineering kit to build everything each week - two or more custom, educational new builds each week this semester!

  • When: Classes start the week of August 30, 2021 and run until the week of November 29, 2021
  • Who: K-5 students
  • How: Registration is online now - signup by clicking the register icon below!
  • Cost: $40 deposit for our engineering kit