2020 Class Offerings/info

LEGO® Explorers and Engineers

  • Students will be working hands-on with many different LEGO® engineering projects, all of which are designed by licensed teachers with engineering principles in mind.  Sessions will include the ever popular Minecraft theme as well as a scattering of other beloved themes, such as Star Wars and construction.  Students won't even realize the amount of learning going on with all the fun they will be having!  We will use computers and work on design that students can also do at home after the class is done - let the learning continue!
  • Weekly classes will include at-home computer-based LEGO® design homework with a computer (PC or MAC) program provided by Brick It Up.

  • When: Tuesdays from 10-11am (September 1 to December 8th, 2020)
  • Who: K-5 students, minimum of 5 students/maximum of 20 students
  • How: Registration is online starting April 6th - signup below!
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brick it up and Oxford virtual academy 2020

A typical Brick It Up class has a structured timeline: welcome and attendance, the lesson, the model build, creative play, clean-up, and dismissal.  During welcome time, the ground rules are covered, and we make sure everyone is accounted for.  During the lesson, the instructor(s) present the model of the day and go over the prepared lesson plan with the students.  For the model build, each student works either alone or in a group with a project kit and a set of instructions.  On the first day of the session, the instructor will go over the names and basic use of each of the LEGO pieces in the kit.  Creative play is a "free build" time where students can let their imagination soar.  They can play with a large amount of free LEGO® bricks available, use their model, or even work on modification or expansion of the model they built.  Clean-up is a brief time at the end, where each student is responsible for taking apart their model(s) and ensuring that all of the pieces are back in their project kit.