Our Current StaFF

At Brick It Up​, we are lucky to have a very knowledgeable, creative staff that helps foster the ideals of our company.  All of our staff undergoes careful screening and proprietary training prior to working with any of our students or materials.  

  • Julie Bruce - Coordinator: Uses her passion for team-building and education to blast through any enemy of fun.
  • Hilary Stockoski Lead Instructor:  Hilary is a licensed and experienced elementary educator who has extensive experience with using LEGO materials in an educational setting, and can bring fun to anywhere with some cool activities.
  • Michelle Sturgis - Lead Instructor:  Michelle is another licensed educator who brings an impressive enthusiasm to our events with an uncanny ability to provide a word of encouragement or additional challenge to maximize the educational content of our Brick It Up activities.
  • Nichole Perry - Early Childhood Developmental Specialist: Brings extensive creative teaching experience with young children (even her own four children!) to Brick It Up, and works firsthand with our younger students to ensure they are getting the most from our offerings.
  • Jenny Taylor - Educational Consultant: Jenny is a K-8 licensed, current educator who is well-versed in the Common Core agenda and STEM principles, and has received a Master's Degree in advanced education.  She oversees and optimizes our curriculum from start to finish, masterfully allowing the children (and even adults!!) to learn about science, technology, physics, and even English in an amazingly fun way.
  • ​Avery Taylor - Master Builder: Avery is a key test subject and designer of our builds, and has hands-on input with our activities.
  • Allie Taylor - Master Builder: Allie is an integral member of our team with her work on creative building, instructional design, and curriculum development.
  • And More!

We also have current working relationships with multiple other amazing individuals, ranging from LEGO masters to computer programmers to college professors at Kettering University.  All of these contacts and relationships are used to synthesize and continuously improve the educational material available for you and your family.

ben taylor

Brick director

Ben is the Brick director of Brick It Up, using his passion for education and creativity to synthesize programs that are as educational as they are fun.  Ben has been playing with LEGO® for over 30 years and has been involved as an educator for over 20 years.  

Gary Bruce

creative director

Gary is the operations manager of Brick It Up, overseeing the day to day activities of our facility.  He has extensive experience in engineering, the sciences, and LEGO®, and has been involved in teaching for over 30 years.  Gary has developed projects which drew on his professional experience and combined the elements of fun, challenge, and learning.