AWARD-winning Customized, hands-on fun!

Brick It Up provides a opportunity to learn, bond with friends and family, and have fun in a clean environment.  This is no go once, spend a bunch of money, and never go back - we offer the possibility of having a totally new experience each time.  Have an idea?  Just ask for what you need, and we can help you create some masterpieces!

  • over 1.5 ton of LEGO® and Duplo® Bricks
  • Convenient location
  • Educational, hands on experiences
  • Various options allow a fully customized experience

Unfortunately, due to COVID-related restrictions, we are unable to schedule any birthday parties at this time.  We will be scheduling these again when safety allows. 

If you are having a home-based party, and would like to discuss how we can help, please use the contact page to send a message and see if we can help provide direction or materials to create an AWESOME party!

Oxford Virtual Academy




Oxford virtual academy

After discussion with our medical director, it was decided that the best course of action was to close Brick It Up for Open Access Play as of March 13th, 2020.  We will announce reopening when the situation improves.  

During the break, we will continue our current cleaning regimen for our LEGO and supplies, and will perform a full deep clean to get ready to return, better than ever! 

We are happy to announce continued LEGO based education with our friends at OVA for the upcoming semester.  We have revamped our offerings, with 100% new builds, helpful videos for the builds, and all new topics to delve into!

The students won't even realize how much they are learning with all the fun they'll be having!