ISn't Lego® just for play?et

Actually, no.  The children will have so much fun, they won't even realize that they are actively learning a wide range of concepts and ideas.  At our various camps and classes, the children are instructed during interactive lessons which include model building and even work with computers or tablets.  In addition, the children generally work in pairs or small groups, and this helps strengthen their teamwork and social skills, all while making new friends.  All of our activities, even including birthday parties, are carefully designed to foster creativity and improve their ability to work well with others.

About Us

Brick It Up is a family owned LEGO® based educational business set up to serve Oakland County and the surrounding areas with fun filled learning opportunities for children (and adults) of all ages.

We have put together a well-rounded team of instructors and staff to help your little ones reach their creative potential while developing hands on critical thinking skills.  Our curriculum has been designed by several accredited, licensed teachers to match the Common Core requirements and the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) initiatives.

We previously put together a 2,200 square foot facility full of fun, including dedicated areas for preschool children, older children, and even a Girl Power area with LEGO® Friends and LEGO® Disney Princesses.  Our Brick It Up Raceway entertained children for hours while they discovered important concepts regarding physics and engineering.  Unfortunately due to COVID-related reasons, we do not have the facility at this time.

What makes this better than my home?et

We provide a safe, structured environment with a multitude of options available for your children - this ranges from creative, unstructured self or group play to highly structured focused building lessons.  Your little builders will remain impressed with our vast array of LEGO® and DUPLO® blocks, and we have a full library of LEGO® books, video games, and other materials to branch out into as well.  Our services are highly customizable and we strive to provide an experience unlike any that could be had at home.

Ok..... What's the catch?t

Really..... no catch!  We recognized the near-everlasting enthusiasm for LEGO® building and the positive benefits that children (and adults) can reap from what is easily disguised as play. We hope that our programs/classes are as positively received as the intent behind them.