example party themes

​We have hosted parties for about every imaginable theme. Some well-received examples of our previous themes include:

​ - Mario & Luigi
- Minecraft
- LEGO Friends
- Superman
- Marvel characters
- Roblox
- Airplanes

 - Robots

 - Star Wars

 - and more.... contact us and if we haven't already done it, we can make it happen!

Birthday party kits

At Brick It Up, the birthday party reigns supreme!  We have hosted over 600 parties and continue to help our customers host the best LEGO themed parties.  We have prebuilt sets ready to make hosting the party the easiest thing ever.

Kits include LEGO builds for your particular theme, and these builds are not found anywhere else!  These come with instructions and can be given to the children for a thank you gesture for coming to the party; these kits also come with goodie bags with various LEGO-based toys, pencils, stickers, etc.  

As an added bonus, these party kits also come with an official LEGO plastic storage bin that is durable and looks great on the shelf - these retail for $19.99 online alone!

Contact us for already available themes or to have us create the theme of your (or your child's) dream!