Black belt level

At Brick It Up, our Black Belt Level is where most of our students reside.  These classes start from the introductory "how-to" and anatomy classes covering these small but amazing blocks, and continue on to more in-depth coverage of various topics.  Through play using LEGO® technology, we are able to allow the students to work on both individual creativity and team-building while they are learning important concepts of physics, engineering, math, and more.  We have harnessed the experience of licensed, active teachers to ensure that the teaching methods are appropriate and in line with current Common Core standards (available for your perusal if desired).  

​The Black Belt Level utilizes standard LEGO® plates and blocks, with use of some of the Technic pieces and motorized builds. Your child will progress from building simple pieces to being able to design and synthesize complex structures, and we will work with them to ensure that these concepts are able to be used at home or even during Open Access Play at our facility.

Take a look at our class listing page for information on upcoming classes! If you have an idea for a class topic that we currently do not offer, please contact us and we can discuss creation of a class to cater to your needs.

black Belt Classes

​We are able to cover a wide array of fun, educational topics with our Black Belt class material. Some well-received examples of our previous classes include:

​ - LEGO® Anatomy 101 
- Architecture 
- Vehicles and Transportation 
- Minecraft Adventures 
- Minifigure Madness! 
- Mazes 
- Space Race 
- High Flying Adventures
​ - Brick It Up World Records
 - LEGO® Technic 101 
- Vehicle Engineering 
​ - Nerf vs. LEGO®