• Students will explore engineering, architecture, physics, science, math, and technology in a fun atmosphere. 
• Students will have the opportunity to play and socialize with friends while learning fundamentals of engineering and architecture in a non-competitive setting.
• Students will have an opportunity for creative expression.
• Students will gain insight into how things work.
• Students will understand that Architecture and Engineering are viable career choices. 
​• Students will learn the math and science involved with advanced LEGO© building.
​• Students will develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Home school experiences

Brick It Up recognizes that every homeschool community has a unique culture, curriculum objective, and structure. We can work with your homeschool group to offer a wide range of hands-on, educational programming and customized curriculum, serving as a critical extension of your community. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Why Brick It Up?

     We have a proven method for using a product that many consider "just a toy", and are able to engage and leverage children toward higher learning.

2.  Do families need to purchase any supplies?

     No.  We provide all supplies, lessons, and trained instructors.

3.  What activities are available for Homeschooled families?

    We can do weekly classes, week-long camps, one day three hour symposia, dedicated Parents' Night Out events, and parties.  Really, it just depends on what works best for your group.  

4.  Why should I use Brick It Up for my homeschool group?

     Brick It Up is a great addition to your curriculum - students will explore engineering, architecture, physics, science, math, technology, and even English/writing in a fun, engaging atmosphere.  Students will have the opportunity to play and socialize with friends while learning fundamentals in a non-competitive setting.  Students will also have a wonderful opportunity for creative expression and will work on teamwork and team-building exercises directly and indirectly.  

     Mom and/or dad can also use this as a 'break' for themselves, or can use this as family time and join in the fun.  Want to quiz your child when they get done?  Great!  We will send home a review of the learning topics via printout or email after each class - basic concepts, key vocabulary, and more.  

5.  But we already have a LEGO club!!!?!

     LEGO clubs are great, but we are different than most LEGO clubs.  We spend each class or instructional session intentionally teaching and learning (our primary goal).  Each session has a particular model or build that has specific teaching goals, vocabulary words and architecture or STEM principles that are being taught.  Kids will have fun, just like a LEGO club, but they will also learn important concepts and principles that are a good foundation for a career in architecture, engineering, physics, or technology.  We know that you are probably the proud owner of a good amount of LEGO at home - this is a great opportunity to help your kids get to the next level with their building and understanding of this powerful technology.


6.  How does Brick It Up work with homeschool families?

     You are welcome to participate in any of our already scheduled upcoming events, or we can set up an event just for you or your group.  We have an entire curriculum designed by licensed elementary and college educators that you can draw from.  With our flexibility, you don't have to wait until school gets out or until summer to run a camp, but can work with us to set a schedule to your group's liking.  How about a week of mornings building characters from Minecraft out of our bricks with our Mining and Crafting camp?  We can do that - and anytime you need.

7.  What does a typical homeschool class entail?

     A typical Brick It Up class has a structured timeline: welcome and attendance, the lesson, the model build, creative play, clean-up, and dismissal.  During welcome time, the ground rules are covered, and we make sure everyone is accounted for.  During the lesson, the instructor(s) present the model of the day and go over the prepared lesson plan with the students.  For the model build, each student works either alone or in pairs with a project kit and a set of instructions.  On the first day of the session, the instructor will go over the names and basic use of each of the LEGO pieces in the kit.  In addition, for each 4+ week session, each student will be able to use our Minifigure Station to build their own Minifigure to interact with their model and use in creative play.  Creative play is a "free build" time where students can let their imagination soar.  They can play with the over quarter ton of blocks available, use the raceway, or even work on modification of the model they built.  Clean-up is a brief time at the end, where each student is responsible for taking apart their model(s) and ensuring that all of the pieces are back in their project kit.  

8.  How does the typical Brick It Up field trip work for homeschool?

     Field trips are very similar to regular classes, except that these are usually a one-time event.  With this, we spend a little more time on the model build since not all students are yet familiar with the model plans and need a bit more help.  We will work with your field trip organizer in advance to plan a model build that fits into a topic or subject area that will work for your group at that time.  Is your co-op having a study on spiders?  We have spider models with cool motor action.  

9.  How many students can participate in a field trip?  

     With appropriate lead time, we can provide materials and LEGO for any size group.  With over 2.5 ton of LEGO, we are sure to have what you need.

10.  Where will class meet?

     In short: wherever you'd like.  What places do you normally meet?  We are happy to come to any location that is large enough to accommodate your group.  

11.  How much does it cost?  

     This will seem like an evading answer, but the cost really does vary according to the service and number of students.  We are upfront with any costs after your request is made, and can even offer discounts in some situations.

12.  How do we register for Brick It Up​?  

     Currently, we can only accept registration and enrollment via email or phone.  You can enroll individually, or choose an organizer to handle registration and collect payment.  

13.  What methods of payment does Brick It Up​ accept?  

     We accepts all major credit cards, checks, and cash.  

14.  GREAT!!! How can I get Brick It Up to come to my homeschool group?  

     Call us or email brickitupMI@gmail.com to get the ball rolling.  We'd love to meet with parents or group organizers to show you a project kit, instruction booklet, teaching guide, working models, or whatever you'd like.  We can even let you build some of our models if you'd like!

Why brick it up?