The different levels of education at Brick It Up are neatly separated on the spectrum into three levels: White Belt, Black Belt, and Ninja levels. The three levels are split as such in order to better serve our students and help place children with developmentally appropriate experiences. These levels are subjective and no tests or qualifying need to be performed prior to entry in any of our classes or activities.

  • White Belt: Level 000 classes; centered around DUPLO® blocks and simple concepts; generally for ages 2-5
  • Black Belt: Level 100-499 classes; from beginning to experienced LEGO® builders; generally for ages 5-9
  • Ninja Level: Level 500 and up; for students who are beginning to blossom past the limitations of regular LEGO® blocks; for students who are familiar with electronic technology, including tablets and computer programming; generally for ages 8 and up

We offer classes in several different forms: one class per week for a series of several weeks, or in a one-time, several hour (usually 3 hour) symposium, allowing a single focus of concentrated Brick It Up​ education.

Take a look at our class listing page for information on upcoming classes!